Red Hot Celeb

There is nothing hotter than a red dress on our favourite celebs. The colour red is empowering, exudes an air of confidence, and is exciting and seductive. Red is also the colour of love, and represents passion and anger. It can aslo be associated with stop, and can certainly make onlookers stop and look. Red is a colour that is always in style, and suits any shade of skin.

Back in 2011, Jennifer Aniston wore a stunning, cut out, red mini dress to her perfume launch, and Jennifer Lawrence wore a red Calvin Klein dress to the Oscars the same year that was reminiscent of THAT Baywatch swimsuit that all the 70s born boys so desperately miss.

Angelina Jolie is another example of how to wear a red dress, with her Jenny Packham, off-the-shoulder dress she wore to the premiere of The Tree of Life in Los Angeles.  Even with her very pale skin, she looked rosy and glowing.

Rihanna has always appeared a striking figure, but never more so than when she wears red. The long, flowing ball-gown she wore to the Grammys in 2013 was a fine example of this.

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Other stars that have shone in their red dresses include Kendall Jenner, back in 2015, Gigi Hagid and Amal Clooney – who looked like a Spanish flamenco dancer in her layered Maison Margiela.

Whilst all these are historic instances of celebrities sporting the colour red, there is everything to suggest that red is back in fashion this year. It is all over the catwalks, and a main feature colour for fashion houses such as Prada, Max Mara, and Givenchy.

In actual fact, red never really goes out of fashion. It is one of the most popular colours ever used, and it’s many different shades can be used in different ways. Different materials also bring out the different personalities that this colour portrays. Red velvet is sensual and luxurious, whereas red linen is powerful and carefree. Red satin is sophisticated, but can also be sexy and alluring. There are many different ways to wear red.

The other thing about the colour red is that is gives the wearer a rosy glow. The light of the red reflects on to a person’s skin, brightening them up and making them look healthy. As mentioned previously, even the ultra pale Angelina Jolie can pull off a red dress without looking pasty.

Red lipstick is also the perfect complementary make up to go with a red dress. This continues the theme of boldness, confidence and empowerment. All other make up should be kept to a minimum, with the exception of long, dark eyelashes, perhaps.

Wearing red means being seen, and making a statement. With so much passion and such a drive for equality this year, red is the colour to lead the way and show that you are not afraid of anything.





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