The Celeb Fashion Blog Tue, 29 Aug 2017 10:05:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Style Icon – Victoria Beckham Tue, 29 Aug 2017 09:40:34 +0000 Continue Reading ]]> Each week, I will be creating a style icon page for each of the celebrities that deserve this accolade. My first style icon is Victoria Beckham.

VB is high on the style icon list because of her current acheivements in the world of fashion.

You have to admit, she has had some dodgy days, but everyone wanted to be posh in the Spice Girls, with her tight little black dresses and shiny, straight bobbed hair. This was in the day before effective hair straighteners, so her glossy straight locks were even more coveted by anyone with even the slightest kink or wave in their hair.

Then came the dubious days. She was at the height of her career, dating a footballer – well, not just a footballer, let’s face it, but THE footballer of the moment, and she was about to embark on her own singing career. But what happened to her style and taste during this time? Her short, spikey hair never really suited her – she is far too feminine for it, but she somehow just about managed to pull it off. In fact, although it was not a great look – many followed suit and got their hair cut short at this time. She certainly was one of the first to lead the charge. We all look back at those short hair-cuts from the late 90s and wonder what on earth we were thinking though.

Victoria wasn’t the traditional wedding bride. Her boyish hair cut and spikey wedding dress were so far away from the soft and feminine look that most of us opt for on our big day, but again, it was a brave choice and it set her aside from the pack.

Victoria Beckham Wedding

Really VB?

Footballer’s Wife

Then came VB’s footballer’s wife days. Now it’s easy to look back on this period and just think that she looked like all footballers (and Essex girls) looks like these days, so what was so stylish about this? What you need to remember is that Victoria was the original footballer’s wife. The clingy dresses and huge long mains were not a thing in the early 2000s – but became a thing later. All the footballer’s wives wanted to be Mrs Beckham and essentially copied her style. Then Essex girls copied the style, and then it spread to the rest of the country. This is still a look sported by many in the public eye today.



So of course, Victoria continued to stay ahead of the curve, and got her main chopped off, and started her own fashion house – Victoria Beckham. Everyone thought it would flop. Her singing career hadn’t particularly taken off, she was just considered a footballer’s wife, and was becoming famous for being the woman who forgave David Beckham for his affair.

But, she proved everyone wrong and is now laughing on the other side of her face. The fashion house is doing remarkably well, even winning awards, and Victoria is considered a serious player in the fashion scene. Now branching out into even make-up, her empire continues to grow, and she long will she be considered one of the style icons of our time.

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